"All of History comes and goes to and from the Cross of Calvary" -- "The Cross" by David Wyper
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Abide in the Doctrine of Christ

By David Wyper

The Mormons, and all other religions that do not abide in the Doctrine of Christ, as specified by the disciple John, do not have have God. Those who do abide in the Doctrine of Christ, have both the Father and the Son, in fact GOD. The Mormons do not believe that God came in the flesh as the Son, Jesus. But Jesus said He was God and John, again, said He was: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the WORD WAS GOD and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us."

When Jesus said on the Cross, "It is finished," that's what he meant. The plan for mankind's total redemption, put into motion by GOD, Father, Son and Holy Spirit (again, not a belief of the Mormons), before the foundation of the Earth was laid, was completed by the finished work of Jesus Christ on the Cross. Nothing to be added (Book of Mormon) and nothing to be subtracted (countless empty theologies denying the person and works of Christ.)

Certainly, Paul, Peter and John, all preached after the Cross. In fact, outside of the Gospels, all of the New testament is after the Cross. But as Paul said, he comes, not with flowery words or great theologies, but to know only Christ and Him crucified. They didn't add or subtract from the finished work of the Cross, but spoke of the power and peace that comes through His completed work.

Jesus said the bread He gives to us is His flesh, and He gave His flesh for the very life of the world. Believer and non-believer alike exists only because of the finished work of Christ on the Cross. "My flesh is meat and My blood is drink." Everything IS because of His finished work.

Simply, Christ IS GOD. When you believe this and put your faith in the absolutely finished work of the Cross, you abide in the Doctrine of Christ and have both Father and Son. If you don't, you don't have God. Sadly, the Mormons, and many other, sometimes very moral and well meaning people, don't have God.

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Copyright David Wyper, 2010

David Wyper, born in Pasadena CA, grad University of Redlands, related to famous Christian musicians and evangelists
of earlier times. Songwriter and singer, plays guitar and piano and has recorded both solo and quartet albums
distributed via live concert ministry in the Midwest and in California churches. He was principal performer and producer
of the tv show "David Wyper Sings the Gospel". He leased and operated an historic 1600-seat performance venue
(Virginia Theatre, Champaign IL) that presented many top names in Christian and Gospel music. He co-founded and
operated for several years a Christian newspaper, "GDP PreViewer".

A lifetime of Bible study and personal ministry illuminated
by the Holy Spirit is the source of his songs, articles, and teachings.

Contact David Wyper at davidwyper@gdppreviewer.com

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