"All of History comes and goes to and from the Cross of Calvary" -- "The Cross" by David Wyper
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Thank God for Change

By David Wyper

Change! America's getting change.

Many of the same people who gave us 911, who weakened our national defense, national intelligence and military; the same people who gave us Freddie Mac and Fannie May, who wouldn't drill anywhere for any reason, who perniciously hold to partial birth abortion, homosexuality and secular humanism, are back.

Now, the Republicans want to be the loyal opposition. These spineless elected officials abandoned the conservative values that made this country great under the blessings of God. President Bush's "loyal" opposition vilified, criticized, mocked, ridiculed and hated him. A really good man, whose stand for traditional, Christian values, who had to make some of the toughest decisions in the history of America, was even criticized on foreign soil by his "loyal" opposition. For eight years their hatred drove them at any and every point to bring down the President; the country be damned. The elected Congress in Washington doesn't deserve to run a dog pound.

But thank God for change; real change, that lasts and never has to be changed. The change from the Law of Sin and Death to the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ. Thank God that secular humanism ends at the grave and the Cross is for eternity.

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Copyright David Wyper, 2008

David Wyper, born in Pasadena CA, grad University of Redlands, related to famous Christian musicians and evangelists
of earlier times. Songwriter and singer, plays guitar and piano and has recorded both solo and quartet albums
distributed via live concert ministry in the Midwest and in California churches. He was principal performer and producer
of the tv show "David Wyper Sings the Gospel". He leased and operated an historic 1600-seat performance venue
(Virginia Theatre, Champaign IL) that presented many top names in Christian and Gospel music. He co-founded and
operated for several years a Christian newspaper, "GDP PreViewer".

A lifetime of Bible study and personal ministry illuminated
by the Holy Spirit is the source of his songs, articles, and teachings.

Contact David Wyper at davidwyper@gdppreviewer.com

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