"All of History comes and goes to and from the Cross of Calvary" -- "The Cross" by David Wyper
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The Flood - Why Noah, Why Then?

By David Wyper

In the days of Noah, and by the way, it will be the same when Jesus returns, sin and violence ruled the Earth. Does it seem like that is where we're headed again? Recognizing this, God, did not say, contrary to popular preaching, "What shall I do? How shall I save these people that I love? I'll send my Son to die for their sins and save them!"

The plan for The Cross was devised and agreed upon by the Holy Trinity before the foundations of the Earth were laid. The Son of God would finish the redemptive work of The Cross at the precise, specified time.

God looked on the Earth, filled with sin and violence, and decided on flooding all living things, except for Noah and his family and, of course, the animals and such. This had to be done, simply, to insure the Earth and mankind would survive until The Cross. Starting over with Noah, like planting new seed, would insure that he, his family and then all their descendants, would not be able to muster up enough sin and violence to end it all in the remaining time before Jesus would say, "It is finished." The completed work of The Cross would offer up The Blood as the final price to be paid for sin, setting the stage for the final nail in the coffin of evil. The finished work of Christ would sustain the Earth and all of mankind for the remaining time until He returns and receives unto Himself all those who put their faith and trust in His Cross. Through the Redemption of our undeserving selves, God would insure our peaceful eternity and that His Throne will never again be subjected to such an assault as by Satan and his demons.

God simply told Noah, as wonderfully sung by Harold Reid of the Statler Brothers on their Holy Bible album, "Noah... Go... and don't be more trouble than you're worth."

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Copyright David Wyper, 2010

David Wyper, born in Pasadena CA, grad University of Redlands, related to famous Christian musicians and evangelists
of earlier times. Songwriter and singer, plays guitar and piano and has recorded both solo and quartet albums
distributed via live concert ministry in the Midwest and in California churches. He was principal performer and producer
of the tv show "David Wyper Sings the Gospel". He leased and operated an historic 1600-seat performance venue
(Virginia Theatre, Champaign IL) that presented many top names in Christian and Gospel music. He co-founded and
operated for several years a Christian newspaper, "GDP PreViewer".

A lifetime of Bible study and personal ministry illuminated
by the Holy Spirit is the source of his songs, articles, and teachings.

Contact David Wyper at davidwyper@gdppreviewer.com

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