"All of History comes and goes to and from the Cross of Calvary" -- "The Cross" by David Wyper
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What Am I Supposed To Do?

By David Wyper

So many people struggle everyday with what God's will is for their lives. What should they be doing?

I'll tell you what His original desire was for our vocation: We were instructed to tend the Garden. We were to be in the garden and converse and fellowship with God forever and to learn of Him - His Majesty, Power and Authority - and to learn from Him.

This is exactly why God told Adam to never eat the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. It was not that the information wouldn't be true, but that God knew it was absolutely imperative that Adam learn this knowledge from Him, while walking in and tending the garden.

Garden FlowersTo Adam, what he found out was just raw, unfiltered data that he had no way of processing except by his own, fallible thought process and imagination. This, of course, was the recipe for disaster. Everything was lost. Today everyone toils in bondage to jobs that God never intended.

A true gardener knows that to be called to tend the garden is truly a blessing and not a curse. Most people, while working in the garden, admit to learning about God, His Creation and Majesty. Some, exchanging the truth for a lie, say it shows them about evolution. But even they know deep in their hearts that they are fooling and lying to themselves.

I myself do spend a lot of time working in my garden areas, talking with God, learning His Word, and, yes, gaining great understanding about good and evil. There is great peace in doing what God originally intended us to do and, at the same time, being taught wonderful things by our Lord. You should try it!

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Copyright David Wyper, 2010

David Wyper, born in Pasadena CA, grad University of Redlands, related to famous Christian musicians and evangelists
of earlier times. Songwriter and singer, plays guitar and piano and has recorded both solo and quartet albums
distributed via live concert ministry in the Midwest and in California churches. He was principal performer and producer
of the tv show "David Wyper Sings the Gospel". He leased and operated an historic 1600-seat performance venue
(Virginia Theatre, Champaign IL) that presented many top names in Christian and Gospel music. He co-founded and
operated for several years a Christian newspaper, "GDP PreViewer".

A lifetime of Bible study and personal ministry illuminated
by the Holy Spirit is the source of his songs, articles, and teachings.

Contact David Wyper at davidwyper@gdppreviewer.com

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