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Angels - What Do You Believe?

By Linda Emmons

We don't post all of the stories on TCC that generate interest in our little shop. One such story, from The Telegraph, a U.K. non-Christian publication, ignited some conversations within our staff and we wondered what our readers think.

Click here to see the original story, about a woman, Lorna Byrne, who sees angels on a regular basis.

The first question that came to my mind, is this for real? The unspecified author is clearly not a Christian, since he or she thinks it odd that someone could talk to G-d directly. Any Christian would understand that of course we can talk directly with G-d; we need no mediator since Jesus/Yeshua is our high priest and He leads the way for us into The Throne Room.

Anyone even casually familiar with The Holy Bible knows that humans have seen and interacted with angels since the beginning of history. The Telegraph reporter didn't appear to know that, either. We would have better clues as to the validity of this woman's visions if this article had been presented from a less secular viewpoint. So the second question, is it possible to trust media bias when they attempt to write about things in which they have no subject matter knowledge?

Sharon, TCC's talented webmaster, wondered if Byrne's visions weren't "...a gift of the Holy Spirit mentioned in the Bible as 'discerning of spirits?' " What do you think, based on what we know from this article and Holy Scriptures, and perhaps personal experience?

This conversation lead to an examination of Genesis 1, wondering if we could tell when angels were actually created. Some seem to think the angels (and Satan) were created before the "six days" of creation.

Sharon thinks, "that if so, this would indicate that Genesis 1 refers ONLY to the creation of the earth and local-to-earth phenomena. The whole rest of the universe must have come prior to Genesis 1:1. However, that does not "feel" right. Then, the clear reading of the text is that the Earth is the centerpiece and the rest of the Universe is just an accessory to it. The angels do not precede the creation of the Earth as described in Genesis; although they are not mentioned specifically, they must be in the sequence somewhere -- or are they completely outside of Creation as described in Genesis? They would have to be if they predate the Earth."

Had we been blogging this, my next entry would have been something like "I think the angels predate the earth. they aren't mentioned at all in the first chapter of Genesis, so why couldn't they have had prior existence? Especially since I don't think there are verses elsewhere that say when they were created...and that the universe as we perceive it was created then doesn't mean there wasn't another dimension of existence that Heaven occupies before all of that. Everything i have read in science indicates a big big bang--and that although they don't know where a center would be, that the universe continues to grow and expand. And yes, I think all that is for our benefit."

Then we discussed whether there was a prequel to Genesis. What about it, what do your studies indicate?

My thought is yeah, why not? Scientists say that at the moment of creation there were 10-12 dimensions...clearly a lot more is going on than we can see right now, and since G-d is eternal, HE didn't come into existence with our universe. His nature is to create--why not assume He created something before our universe? I think "the beginning" refers to us and what we can know about, not everything G-d knows about.

Dear Readers, this is your chance to dazzle and inform! I went waaaaaay out on a limb, stating what I think. I am not a theologian or scientist, but I do like to contemplate the nature of G-d and His creation. What can you share with us to correct or otherwise add to the conversation?

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Copyright Linda Emmons, 2008

Linda Emmons is a freelance writer, publisher of Piece by Peace Communications, and editor of The Christian Compass
and The Messianic Nudge Report. Her background includes journalism, publishing, and marketing.
She attends The Rock Church, and homeschools her teenaged son.

Contact Ms. Emmons at linda@gdppreviewer.com

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