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Sharing My Dream

By Linda Emmons

I dreamed this:

I was in a vehicle of some sort with people I cared about, (don't know who exactly), and Iwas in the front passenger seat. Driving was a man I think was Yeshua, but He was more like a chauffeur, driving us where we wanted to go. We were kind of sightseeing, going through some pretty countryside with white gravel roads, lot of hills, in a county. I knew the name in the dream but can't remember it now. (wasn't a county I think we would find on a map) I had some kind of a monitor and was scanning news stories from all over the world, intently, while I also enjoyed the trip. I was looking at local news and connecting dots from different stories, and saw that the area was going to be in a deluge and that the whole part of that county would be washed away in floodwaters. We pulled over and got out of the vehicle to look around. The other passengers were pointing at beautiful birds and enjoying the scenery, consulting maps, like tourists, but i heard ominous rumblings of a coming flood. I said "This is dangerous, why are we still standing here?" Yeshua said,as if He had been waiting for me to realize this, "Good question" and calmly, authoritatively and rapidly lead us away. I ran to keep up with Him, but some in our group were straggling and i fell back to help them. The floodwaters were ferocious and deep, full of debris, and I was alarmed but not terrified, but the person I was trying to help (I was helping them one by one) didn't seem concerned at all, even when the smell and sounds of the rushing waters were all around us.

This dream was very real. I could smell the muck and strong scent of river water.

What do you think this means, if anything? Here are some comments from some of my closest friends.

SS - I did find it interesting that you were having a local drive with Yeshua and company, and that also you were listening to/scanning worldwide news stories and that the connections began happening at that point. Perhaps the personal ramification of this is to continue to ride with Yeshua locally, and also to continue to monitor the worldwide events. Perhaps new dots will be connecting that you're unaware of. The Lord may be preparing you for an upcoming opportunity to prophesy about something that would be a terrible crisis--and your intervention and assistance, one by one, will be important for people (even those who are blissfully clueless) to survive, as Yeshua leads you. Just thoughts, not necessarily a Word from the Lord.

SW - I think ... the water signified great, frightening trouble, out of our control kind of trouble. And it seems like the Lord is reassuring us that He will be there and handle it and protect us."

SM - I believe that you are RIGHT ON with that dream. A vehicle represents traveling through life. Yeshua is with us on the road, in the 'Driver's Seat,' and the scenery is beautiful with Him because the joy of the L-rd and the peace is within us. (Check your Bible about the Kingdom of Heaven. It is not about what we eat, drink, wear, or our situation in life.) You are ok to be enjoying the trip, and as you go, your eyes are open "connecting the dots." Often times, He waits patiently until we ask the right question, like the one you asked about "This is dangerous why are we all standing here?" The world is in dangerous situation, and the flood of lies that satan has unleashed is upon us with all the muck and stink. However, most of the world and some of the worldly church is blithely unaware of the danger and that they are already in it to the extent that they don't even recognize it yet. That's what is represented by them still consulting maps instead of already looking up and recognizing the danger. Christians are busy consulting this bible teacher and that one to see where we are prophetically while they should be walking ON with Yeshua and winning souls. Watching the birds speaks to me about the Christians who think they are going to "fly away in the Rapture before anything bad happens" instead of realizing that the Rapture and Resurrection of the dead happen at the same time at the LAST trump which is at the 7th Trump --almost the end of the book of Revelation. In the meantime we are to hold fast to Yeshua which means going on with Him. (Remember, it was G-d who shut the door of the Ark. Noah didn't hang around throwing lifelines or life preservers to those who wouldn't listen.)

My take on it is this: For all who follow Yeshua, help people NOW to realize where they are spiritually - in great danger and blissfully unaware of it. We, who know Him, are to follow Yeshua and not look back and not go back to help those who are lagging behind, because each individual is responsible to keep up with his/her relationship with Yeshua. He will rescue His own. (It is like Paul, who gave the message, and then went on to the next place.) We can't rescue people because they have to want that walk with Yeshua for themselves. Not that we are like Lot's wife and want to go back, but sometimes going back to help those who will not help themselves is not where G-d wants to take us.

In some ways this reminds me of the book I read about the Johnstown Flood which happened in 1889 in Johnstown, PA. Johnstown is in the Allegheny Mtns and is rebuilt in a lovely valley with lots of green hills. The wealthy from Pittsburgh had built an earthen dam at the top of the high hills 14 miles from the city, and they had their yacht club and summer homes built around the lake. For years, engineers had been warning the wealthy owners and the people in the city below that the dam could give way and it would cause a flood, but nobody paid any attention. Then one summer day, a weather front got stalled over that mountain and inches of rain fell within a short time which put terrible pressure on the earthen dam which broke. The ensuing flood wiped out the entire town killing 2200 people. They could hear the roar of the water faintly at first but by the time they recognized the danger it was too late to get away.

Read about the Johnstown Flood

Anyway, Linda, that is what your dream says to me. I think you should post it on TCC and send out a post to all your contact list with the info that your dream is on TCC and for people to read it and heed it!

More from SM - Yes, since yesterday, I have some other thoughts re the dream. It seems to me that the group in the vehicle on a sight-seeing trip was indicative of much of the church who think religion is a spectator thing. The map means the Bible to me. When we turn around to help those who are lagging behind, still checking their maps when they should have already been prepared, we are turning our back on Yeshua, who is in the lead, even though we have the best of intentions. They should have their own eyes on HIM because He is the Living Torah. Remember, in the dream He "calmly and authoritatively and rapidly led us away." If they were ignoring His authority then that indicates that they don't receive, consider, accept His authority/leadership over them and were looking for another way.

I think in the coming years we are going to need to be careful who we spend our time helping. A lot of people will be like Lot's wife, who are looking back at what "was" or what they had which leaves them facing the wrong way. We can't wake them up or make them see the danger if they haven't already, is my thought. Remember how Yeshua told His disciples to not even go into their houses to get a cloak when they saw the abominable presence in Jerusalem? Those who didn't obey that, perished.

I watched a YouTube video a couple weeks ago of David Wilkerson giving a word for the church and he said that we each need to have a word from the L-rd on an individual basis. That means seeking Him and His voice for ourselves, and your dream confirmed that for me. It means obeying His voice, too.

What do you think the dream is saying? Also have you asked G-d for the name of the county? That may be good to know too.

SLW - Try to remember - was the name of the county you were touring "Complacent"? (just kidding...)

What an awesome dream! I think this is affirmation to you to keep up with your news updates to TCC, for one thing. For to be a watchman and intercessor, you must have the warnings, and discern the signs of the times.

Also, this is a reminder that God only does for you what you ask Him to do - Ye have not because ye ask not. If all you are asking for is a "good trip" that is what you will get, until the disaster strikes. If you are asking for salvation, it will be granted you.

This reminds me that the end times "shall be as the days of Noah", when a deluge overwhelmed the people.

So, Readers, do you have any additional thoughts or comments?

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Copyright Linda Emmons, 2009

Linda Emmons is a freelance writer, publisher of Piece by Peace Communications, and editor of The Christian Compass
and The Messianic Nudge Report. Her background includes journalism, publishing, and marketing.
She attends The Rock Church, and homeschools her teenaged son.

Contact Ms. Emmons at linda@gdppreviewer.com

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