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Majesty: The Sorcerer and the Saint
by D.W. Murray - a Book Review

Linda Emmons

by Linda Emmons for TCC

Xulon Press. 2005, US. Christian fantasy

“God is more important than magic.” she declared. “And I’m going to make sure you understand, whatever it takes ... whatever it takes.” With that challenge and promise, little Katie Campbell prayed one night, expecting a miracle for Jack, her rebellious and unhappy older brother. Inadvertently, they both end up in a dark and perilous adventure into “Nohr World.”

The young pair are seduced into the spirit realm, ostensibly through the plans of the malefic wizard, Gellzoowin, who believes that Katie can lead him to “Majesty,” the white horse Jesus will ride when He returns to earth. The evil ones think that if they can capture Majesty, God’s plans will be thwarted and Jesus will be unable to reclaim His Kingdom. Since Jack has given himself into the wizard’s deluding power, they use the

unwitting boy as hostage to force Katie to use her forgotten knowledge to find Majesty.

As a child of God, Katie relies on an angelic guardian and heroic and unlikely residents to help her. Even so, Katie learns many spiritual lessons, often through mistakes made along the way. Jack is too self-absorbed to discern his own danger and the destructive purposes of his chosen allies, as he apprentices himself to an evil wizard.

Katie and Jack’s separate journeys lead them through enchanted forests, shadows of doubt, the land of great discoveries and beyond. They meet fairies, trolls, titans, ogres, a talking bear, and other fantastic creatures, culminating in the grim unholy emptiness of the Black Knight. Terrified but filled with the hope that comes from fervent prayer, Katie rushes with her friends to try and reach Jack with the Truth, saving him from his own bad choices.

“Majesty” imparts important spiritual concepts through these imaginative adventures without being preachy. This book is an easy and entertaining read. Suitable for children to young adults and slightly older book reviewers. Comparable in many ways to venerable Christian author C.S. Lewis’ “Chronicles of Narnia.” This reviewer highly recommends “Majesty.”

Book Cover: Majesty: The Sorcerer and the Saint

377 pages, paperback. First publication in a planned trilogy. For more information or to order your own copies, contact

Barnes & Noble

copyright Linda Emmons, 2006

Linda Emmons is a freelance writer, publisher of Piece by Peace Communications, and editor of The Christian Compass and The Messianic Nudge Report. Her background includes journalism, publishing, and marketing. She attends The Rock Church, and homeschools her teenaged son.

Contact Ms. Emmons at

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