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No Free Pass for the “Da Vinci Code”

Linda Emmons

by Linda Emmons for TCC

“Wishin’ don’t make it so.” That sums up my opinion completely for all of you caught up in a gnostic piece of fiction cobbled together by a book author and movie production team. From what I’ve read in a variety of sources, the book author, Dan Brown, wrote with a mission, to smear Jesus, by way of the Catholic Church. The movie people apparently just want to cash in and stay above the controversy. Producer Ron Howard politely suggested that if anyone feels they might be offended by the movie, they should just stay home.

I, for one, will take Ron Howard’s pithy advice, but I don’t think he and the star, Tom Hanks, deserve a free pass on their participation in this. It didn’t take secular and biblical scholars long to point to the many distortions and lies touted as “truth” in the Da Vinci Code. Howard was aware of the “controversial nature” of Brown’s accusations before undertaking the movie. Defenders of the Christian faith asked Howard to at least put a disclaimer at the beginning of the film, warning audiences that was to follow was Hollywood, not history, but he refused.

One of the supporting character actors reportedly suggested the Bible needed that fiction disclaimer, not their movie. It seems beyond belief that these people were not all aware that they were blaspheming the Lord of Glory. Somehow it bothers me less that Brown did this – he was at least acting out of passion, even if evil. But Hanks and Howard, both presumably wealthy men, apparently participated in this travesty just to add some more coins to the cash heap they perch on. They may delude themselves that they bear no responsibility for the message they preach. But just like those who delight in these slanders, that maybe, jut maybe, they are free to go on sinning with no consequence -- wishin’ just don’t make it so.

All of that is irritating enough, but the reaction by many people calling themselves Christians really concerns me. I would assume that no one involved in the book or movie are followers of Jesus, but I have to wonder. If Christians were not supporting “Da Vinci” financially, the book/movie couldn’t be big hits. If you are going to use “Da Vinci” as a window for witnessing, go ahead, certainly. All you really need to do so is a good foundational understanding of the scriptures. Failing that, and to our shame many of us do, there is plenty of easy-to-read information

available debunking the historical fiction of “Da Vinci.” Those scholars doing that good work could use your financial support and deserve it a lot more than Brown, Howard and Hanks, et al.

Eyes of Mona Lisa
Where is the love for Jesus? Some of us discuss this situation in terms of what it means to us as Christians, and that is also tripe. My dear brothers and sisters, it isn’t about you, and your feelings, and your preferred views. It’s about Jesus. If you love Him, value the Truth about Him. If you have a personal relationship with Jesus, how do you plunk money down to pay the unholy trinity of Howard, Hanks and Brown to smear the salvation plan of God? Have we forgotten how much He paid for that plan? I suggest you put the resources you would have used on the book or movie tickets and popcorn and send the money to missions work instead.

copyright Linda Emmons, 2006

Linda Emmons is a freelance writer, publisher of Piece by Peace Communications, and editor of The Christian Compass and The Messianic Nudge Report. Her background includes journalism, publishing, and marketing. She attends The Rock Church, and homeschools her teenaged son.

Contact Ms. Emmons at

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