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Church Lady Asks: Why?

Linda Emmons

by Linda Emmons for TCC


  • do sanctuaries fill up from the back, but church parking lots fill up from the front?
  • do evangelicals forgo liturgy but devour books that tell them how to pray?
  • do evangelicals "eat up" any diet plan that promises weight loss or better health, but are concerned when they hear someone eats "biblically kosher"?
  • do volunteers in kids' ministries claim they do it for the Lord, but then get angry if adult ministry goes a minute over schedule?
  • do we claim to be be separate from the world, but our dress and entertainment tastes match exactly?
  • do we complain that the same few people do all the work, but refuse to train anyone else?
  • do we frown on legalism, but refuse ministry opportunities to divorced or single members?
  • do we have huge piles of bibles in "lost and found" -- doesn't anyone MISS their bible, or coats, etc?
  • do we quote from bibles so paraphrased that they are really commentaries, not God's Word?
  • do people ignore Christian businesses and ministries in their congregation and community with their dollars, but lament when they go out of business or can't hire their son or daughter
  • complain that God has forgotten them if they can't get a new car, but remain hard-hearted towards the persecuted church around the world (not to mention the widows, orphans and single moms sitting next to them)?

copyright Linda Emmons, 2006

Linda Emmons is a freelance writer, publisher of Piece by Peace Communications, and editor of The Christian Compass and The Messianic Nudge Report. Her background includes journalism, publishing, and marketing. She attends The Rock Church, and homeschools her teenaged son.

Contact Ms. Emmons at

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