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Aliens on Earth - Disclosure Near

By Sharon Wyper

The editor forwarded a press release to me for comment here, pertaining to the rumors of imminent disclosures to be made of a long-standing cover-up by the USA and other governments who have recovered bodies and craft from space aliens, and even made contact with them.

The July 28 press release, from christiannewswire.com, is titled "Could Aliens Become Spiritual Mentors?" and breathlessly asked the question "Is our society about to acknowledge the existence of aliens?" This is brought on because "Just last week former NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell, speaking on BBC Radio, said aliens exist and have been observing earth for "quite some time.""

In fact, if one follows such things, many credible witnesses have attested to the reality of UFOs and visitors who are "not of this world" - usually to the jeers and scoffing of nearly everyone everywhere. What does seem to have changed is the attitude of the media toward the subject, if only by a little, given the stature of the speaker.

This is a fascinating and scary press release on the "aliens from space' topic from Christian News Wire, in that it is trying to make the case that an alien invasion might inspire us earthlings to be more spiritually aware, bringing wisdom and higher planes of existence to us - who are less evolved! Since I have long ago given up Science Fiction as a hobby, I was unaware of the movies cited, but the trend as described is clearly toward mind-controlled Hollywood propaganda prepping us to accept aliens (spirits not of God) as religious gurus - if not as demi-gods. That is so scary.

This press release says, "We can always choose to embrace the unknown--the alien--instead of fearing it."

Well, doh! - maybe we could get back to the Bible! What about we just return to God our Creator, the Lord, God, and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and be saved. We could be protected from these devious unclean alien intruders by God Almighty, instead of welcoming them into our bosom.

Non-human intelligent beings are very much evident in the Bible, and are of two sorts, the Servants of God, ministering spirits who have gone forth on the earth, who always point men to Jesus Christ, and the Devil, whose servants are evil, adversaries of God, thieves, who come only to kill, steal, and destroy. What is so hard to understand about that!? Yes, they are here and have always been here. It's all in the Bible. Also in the Bible are the complete instructions for dealing with them.

Also, by extension, Christian Newswire now seems sort of scary - why would any "Christian" source offer a story like this? You can read the whole thing here. What do you think of this press release?

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