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Corona Summary

Coming Home to Roost

Booklet (16 pg)
by Gov. Jimmie Davis (1972)

Thanks for the Flowers

Tri-Fold (2 pg)
by Linda Emmons (2005)

The da Vinci Code Fraud

Booklet (4 pg)
by Jerry DePew (2006)

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David Wyper Sings the Gospel

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Music CD #1:
Double Album
Peace in the Valley
and Love Songs

Music CD #2:
Double Album
Highway of Holiness
and Draw My Friends

Music CD #3:
Double Album
All My Guilt is Gone
and Day to Day Gospel

Music CD #4:
Double Album
To Be Free
and Dedicated Heart

All Four (4) Double Albums for $50.00
Any One (1) Double Album for $15.00
Any One (1) Single Album for $8.00
Cassette tape album (if available) $5.00

plus $2.00 S&H each item

Music CDs are produced on demand.

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Shipping information required:
Your name, address and phone number,
unless paying with PayPal or credit card via PayPal.

For mail order,
send payment and shipping info to:

GDP, PO Box 1483, Champaign IL 61824-1483
Contact GDP at:

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